A chalk’s call

Green board hung over the wall Is standing still until an educator Vibrates it with white stains, Flourishing the education wholeheartedly. The whitish dust profusely drops on the floor As the duster wipes old to continue more. Where cool and jubilant educatee are sitting firmly. Listening and writing to the pace of his wisdom. The... Continue Reading →



Walking lonely in the street of samsara Mother taught us the worldly facts From the dawn of our life whilst her hardships. As and when we enter the adolescent phase The world away from parents sore our karma Teaching us to be prominent of oneself Catering our own mistakes and loopholes. Thence being independent is... Continue Reading →


Students are on vacation Schools are all quite and closed Classrooms are vacant And teachers free of daily lesson plans. In the farmhouse I can hear cattles' moo. Where field lies dry and barren Partially filling their bellies. Walking miles away I went into the wood No snakes and no leeches. But firewoods are easily... Continue Reading →

Getting better

Miles away dream lies Closer the dreamer tries. Toiling day and night Sometimes guarding it as knight. Often making midnight drowsy Dragging trolley seldomly hassy. The wall clock ticks the time Seconds making hour of sublime. Getting better as experience grows Dinning the fruits of hard works. Never shunning the spirit The spirit of challenge... Continue Reading →


By dusk to dawn I was snoring hard. My mom yelled at me, "Why aren't you awaken? " But I was just pulling my blanket Over my head to pay no heed. She came and pull over it. Cold and chilly weather outside Was too harsh for me. Nevertheless I tried my best To live... Continue Reading →


The main stream  On the lines. The screeching cacophony On an old radio. The rosy smell On my backyard garden. And the pudding  Sound of the downpour On my rooftops.  Empathise my monsoon At countryside.

Nebulous Love

Chilly morning she step down Tiptoeing, the sandal. Flushing her golden hairs I erased all the mind deep deeds And paid full heed on her. Just walking along the sandal Of the charm one. I named her Damsel. Down the Vale Spontaneous river flows Swifting through valleys and hills. She enjoys the cool breeze Instantly... Continue Reading →

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